Recent research has suggested that face shields offer a higher effective level of protection in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and all of the COVID-19 variants when paired with a standard face mask.  Masks that are designed to cover the nose and mouth may not alone provide adequate virus protection.  Face shields are already being used in many medical settings to decrease the spread of covid-19 and other viruses’.  Now, medical professionals are recommending face shields be used in a variety of industrial settings. To help slow the spread of contagious virus’.

Recently, David Mcknight, MD, a medical expert was asked about the effectiveness of face shields, both as personal protective gear and as a method to stop transmission of Covid-19.  His research confirmed that the Covid-19 virus is transmitted primarily through droplets expelled from an infected person as they cough, sneeze, or speak. If those droplets land in the eye of someone within close proximity, that person will become infected. Dr. Mcknight states that while face shields alone will not prevent the spread of Covid-19, it can help to reduce the transmission of these and airborne viruses’ by blocking large particles from getting into your nose and mouth.  Essentially face shields work by minimizing the distance in which aerosols can travel.  In part by decreasing the distance of transmission, individuals will be able to see a reduction in catching the virus.

I would also add to David Mcknight’s research that another advantage of using face shields for daily protection is that they are much less difficult to wear and breath in for extended periods. Having greater mask breathability allows, the wearers to make fewer adjustments to their mask and touch their faces less.

Here at Saunders, we offer a unique, custom-cut face shield that has been digitally cut with 3M antifog film and features a 1.5” foam headband and elastic strap.  These face shields are affordable, designed for long-term wear, and will not fog up.

Saunders Face Shield

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