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Saunders can help to bring your visions and your designs to life by providing custom product converting , enhancing solutions for a variety of industries, including: aerospace appliance, automotive, electronics, energy, design & graphics, industrial applications, manufacturing, medical, military, safety & security manufacturing, transportation and more.

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Aerospace Solutions

Appliance Manufacturing Solutions

At Saunders, our experience and broad converting capabilities make commercial and residential appliance manufacturers more productive in how they use adhesive tapes, foams, and other flexible materials.

Automotive Solutions

At Saunders we strive to have a clear understanding of the challenges that the automotive industry faces our experience and broad converting capabilities make Automotive OEMs and tier suppliers more productive in how they use adhesive tapes, foams, and other flexible materials.

Electronic Solutions

Saunders, the industry leader in specialty converting technology, offers electronic engineer solutions, designed to solve problems with adhesive tape and gasket dimensions that are considered unmachinable with conventional tooling.

Energy Solutions

Alternative energy companies have turned to Saunders to provide solutions for the design and production challenges they face. From product selection to assembly and presentation, Saunders can support your efforts to improve product reliability and product quality while reducing your costs.

Graphic Solutions

Saunders offers the largest line of adhesive tapes, foams and films for the graphic and specialty print Industries. We stock an array of tapes and liners for indoor, outdoor, digital print, and heat transfer applications. Adhesives and tapes are essentail for digital graphics and point of purchase displays.

Industrial Solutions

When it comes to producing industrial tapes, there are a lot of factors to consider beyond size, shape and the types of substrates the tape will be applied to. Our goal is to take your toughest industrial manufacturing challenges and create a solution that will increase the value of your final product, lower your material costs, save time and ultimately get more parts out the door.

Marine Solutions

Saunders' extensive capabilities and competency in providing customized solutions is the perfect fit for the marine industry and the production of a diverse range of boat types. From the initial gel coat process, to transport protection, Saunders has the marine industry covered from bow to stern.

Medical Solutions

From medical product manufacturing and packaging to life-saving tape foams, films, and adhesive applications, Saunders offers a broad range of services to make medical device manufacturers more efficient. We include prototyping, engineering and full product selection across multiple manufacturers.

Military Solutions

We provide tapes for aerospace solutions for  Bonding, Surface Protection, Masking, Gasking Moisture Barrier, Painting and Stripping, and many more applications. We understand that military specs. certification and accurate bids  the certifications and test reports needed to complete your documentation requirements.

Safety and Security Solutions

Saunders has developed solutions for  nearly every industry imaginable, and the safety and security indurstry is no exception.  Let our design team help bring your safety and security systems to life.  Whether you are seeking solution post manufacturing or pre we have a solution to your designs.

Transportation Solutions

Truck & Trailer and Specialty Vehicle manufacturers have turned to Saunders' expert technology for customized solutions for panel bonding, trim and emblem attachment, sealing and gaskets, and more.