With Over 20,000 Businesses trusting Saunders’ Custom Cut Solutions, Saunders has earned the reputation for meeting and exceeding all of our customer expectations and solving customer challenges by providing the highest quality of products and services.  We will continue to strive to make Saunders your first choice for the superior customer service, lighting fast shipping and premium quality products. We have partnered with the world leaders in technology and product offerings to provide you with the products you need to run your business.

Certified Quality Systems

Saunders has been in business for over sixty years, and has the machinery and experience to tackle ANY size Job. We have the broadest and most technologically advanced adhesive tape and flexible material converting capabilities in the industry and Access to a network of over 50 different distribution centers. With this prestige reputation comes a commitment to a higher level of quality.
Our dedication to quality assures that all customer orders will adhere to a strict set of guidelines. Enabling us to be
ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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Slitting creates rolls by cutting down wider rolls to narrower widths. Depending on the material, widths of 1/16" or narrower can be achieved.


Sheeting & Cut to Length

Sheeting cuts adhesives and other flexible materials to any conceivable square or rectangular shape commonly with no tooling expense.



Laminating is the process of bonding multiple substrates together to achieve improved strength, stability and appearance.


Flexographic Printing

Flexographic Printing uses cylinders, raised rubber plates, and ink to create custom branding, printed liners, and messaging on various substrates.


Die Cutting & Kiss Cutting

Die Cutting creates custom individual shapes. Kiss Cutting leaves custom shapes on a carrier liner so parts are supplied in roll or sheet format.



Rewinding creates custom length rolls at desired widths and diameters that can reduce material changeover and eliminate waste.


Kitting & Assembling

Kitting is a value-added service to package various components to create a unique part set. We also offer product assembly options.


Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting is a great option for creating intricate shapes out of challenging materials and allows for fast turnarounds with no tooling.


Digital Cutting

Digital Cutting uses blades to convert substrates with tight tolerances. It is a great solution for large format parts and is excellent for prototyping.

Materials We Specialize In

We work with a wide network of manufacturers and distributors to get our customers the exact materials they need for their applications

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    Cloth Tapes

  • Duct Tapes
  • Gaffers Tapes
  • Carpet Tape
  • Glass Cloth Tapes

    Double Sided Tapes

  • Carpet Tapes
  • Double-Sided Cloth Tapes
  • Film Tapes
  • Paper Tapes
  • Polyester Tapes
  • Transfer Tapes
  • Tissue Tapes

    Fabrics / Textiles

    Fastener Tapes

  • 3M Hook & Loop Tape
  • 3M Velcro Tape
  • - Velcro Straps
  • - Velcro Cable Ties
  • - Velcro Brand Jumbo Straps
  • 3M Dual Lock Tape

    Flexible Magnetic Tape

    Foam Tapes & Materials

  • Adhesive Foam - VHB - UHB
  • Urethane - Poly - Ester - Ether
  • Polyethylene - PE Foam
  • Silicone Foam Tapes
  • Neoprene Foam
  • Vinyl - PVC - Nitrile
  • EVA Foam
  • Blended Neoprene EPDM Foam

    Foil Tapes

  • Aluminum Foil Tapes
  • Copper Foil Tapes

    Heat Seal Tapes

  • Automotive Thermal Bond Tapes
  • Automotive Thermal Bond Tapes
  • Sewfree Tapes
  • Pucker Free Tapes

    Insulating Tapes

  • Thermal Tapes
  • Heat Shrink Tapes

    Paper Tapes

  • Masking Tapes
  • Kraft Paper Tapes
  • Protective Paper Tapes
  • Safety Tapes
  • Barricade Tapes
  • Hazard Stripe Tapes
  • Marking Tapes
  • Non-Skid Tapes
  • Reflective Tapes

    Packaging Tapes

  • Carton Sealing Tapes
  • Gummed Tapes
  • Label Protection Tapes

    Release Liners

  • Silicone Tape Liners
  • Flouosilicone Tape Liners

    Cloth Tapes

  • Mylar
  • Lexan
  • Formex
  • Styrene
  • Phosphorescent Tapes
  • Protective Film
  • Polyester
  • Polyethylene Film
  • Polyimide - Kapton® - Electronic Film
  • PTFE - Teflon™ Tapes
  • Splicing Tapes
  • UHMW Tapes

    Strapping & Fastening

  • Filament Tapes
  • Stretch Film Tapes
  • Hook & Loop Fasteners

    Surface Protection

  • Grip Tapes
  • Safety Walk Tapes
  • Screen Protection Film
  • Vinyl Short / Longterm Clings
  • Hook & Loop Fasteners

    Vinyl Tapes

  • Vinyl Electrical Tapes
  • Pipewrap Tapes
  • Vinyl & Electroplating Tapes

Industries We Serve
Saunders can help to bring your visions and your designs to life by providing custom product converting , enhancing solutions for a variety of industries, including: aerospace appliance, automotive, electronics, energy, design & graphics, industrial applications, manufacturing, medical, military, safety & security manufacturing, transportation and more. To speak with a sales engineer, call 888-932-8836 or complete the Request a Quote Form.

Aerospace Solutions

Appliance Manufacturing Solutions

At Saunders, our experience and broad converting capabilities make commercial and residential appliance manufacturers more productive in how they use adhesive tapes, foams, and other flexible materials.

Automotive Solutions

At Saunders we strive to have a clear understanding of the challenges that the automotive industry faces our experience and broad converting capabilities make Automotive OEMs and tier suppliers more productive in how they use adhesive tapes, foams, and other flexible materials.

Electronic Solutions

Saunders, the industry leader in specialty converting technology, offers electronic engineer solutions, designed to solve problems with adhesive tape and gasket dimensions that are considered unmachinable with conventional tooling.

Energy Solutions

Alternative energy companies have turned to Saunders to provide solutions for the design and production challenges they face. From product selection to assembly and presentation, Saunders can support your efforts to improve product reliability and product quality while reducing your costs.

Graphic Solutions

Saunders offers the largest line of adhesive tapes, foams and films for the graphic and specialty print Industries. We stock an array of tapes and liners for indoor, outdoor, digital print, and heat transfer applications. Adhesives and tapes are essentail for digital graphics and point of purchase displays.

Industrial Solutions

When it comes to producing industrial tapes, there are a lot of factors to consider beyond size, shape and the types of substrates the tape will be applied to. Our goal is to take your toughest industrial manufacturing challenges and create a solution that will increase the value of your final product, lower your material costs, save time and ultimately get more parts out the door.

Marine Solutions

Saunders' extensive capabilities and competency in providing customized solutions is the perfect fit for the marine industry and the production of a diverse range of boat types. From the initial gel coat process, to transport protection, Saunders has the marine industry covered from bow to stern.

Medical Solutions

From medical product manufacturing and packaging to life-saving tape foams, films, and adhesive applications, Saunders offers a broad range of services to make medical device manufacturers more efficient. We include prototyping, engineering and full product selection across multiple manufacturers.

Military Solutions

We provide tapes for aerospace solutions for  Bonding, Surface Protection, Masking, Gasking Moisture Barrier, Painting and Stripping, and many more applications. We understand that military specs. certification and accurate bids  the certifications and test reports needed to complete your documentation requirements.

Safety and Security Solutions

Saunders has developed solutions for  nearly every industry imaginable, and the safety and security indurstry is no exception.  Let our design team help bring your safety and security systems to life.  Whether you are seeking solution post manufacturing or pre we have a solution to your designs.

Transportation Solutions

Truck & Trailer and Specialty Vehicle manufacturers have turned to Saunders' expert technology for customized solutions for panel bonding, trim and emblem attachment, sealing and gaskets, and more.